Two new titles are available on Amazon. The first is the fourth of the State of Arizona series, STATE OF CONFUSION. It takes Tan and a new Governor to new heights of trouble at the southern border along with trouble in the capital between the new Governor and everyone else, particularly Tan.

The second book is the second of the DEACON series, DEACON UNDERGROUND. The Deacon is caught up in three or four problems that all wrap around Gold. He has to go underground to get to the bottom of it all.

See posts and link here soon.


I have been reviewing my site now for over two hours. It looks cool and has a hint of what I’m all about as an author. It’s not just a time filler for an old, retired geezer, it exciting. I haven’t had this much fun since I woke up and found water flowing down the passageway where water wasn’t supposed to be on the submarine I was serving on at the time. That will get your heart thumping and exercised.

Bottom line after two hours. Needs some work. BUT, Nanowrimo is at hand.

So, I will write for Nano and then when I run out of words I will do what I can to make the site an awesome experience for my readers.


Because it’s all about our relationship.

Currently working on four books. The Nano book is DEACON 3. Two of the books are good, kick butt westerns in the style of BLOOD ON THE ZUNI and VENGEANCE. The third is a sequel to SAILOR, with a working title of THE SEA CALLS. All should be up to my self stomping standards.

Love and hugs till next time.


Slowing Down

This past two years have seen a slow diwn in my productivity due to many causes. One, another couple of birthdays. Two, one fouled up book file that burned me royally. Three, I got lazy.  Four, too many ends on too many candles lit on too many ends. 

So, I gave up on birthdays.  Finished, never to be seen again, the bad book file. Took a hand full of vitamins. Blew out some candles.  Put my buttocks in the chair.  And, now my problem is three new books stared, one rattling around in my head,  and two that exist only on 3 X 5 cards.

Trying to make my computer take dictation.  


I am still amazed at the sales of some books on Amazon. Talking with the authors doesn’t help a whole lot. One told me a friend had plugged his book on his daily blog and bingo! 500 copies sold in the nest twelve hours. Then there was a friend of mine that advertised on his facebook with daily posts just under his name, about where he was and when he expected to hit the streets with the book. Number 156 on Amazon for three days and still in the top 1000 after 6 weeks.

The best way to advertise is just advertise everywhere you can. If you’re in a genre that is popular like dude ranch half naked cowboy romances you really have a problem cuz there’s a bazillion of them out there. Yours has to be better than the better ones. If there is little competition, like occult, exotic, romance, westerns; you just might have a better chance. I am seriously thinking of creating my own genre, Dragon riding two headed cowboys in the 15th century Acturesus galaxy where two headed cowboys ride dragons to maintain herds of dofterus, a flying, meaty delicacy for the Zodangos of Fauxtix. But, some smarty pants would start an argument with me that this has already been done and it was a waste.


Go write, create your own advertising everywhere you can.

Be blessed with lots of words, doug.


Santa Claus, clause, claws is coming to town. He is watching. No dumb elf on the shelf is going to fink on me. I burned the little sucker years ago. Beside all that, there was no elf on a shelf when I was a kid, just my dad’s belt around his waist and his pants wouldn’t fall down when he whipped it out, either.

I have been lax at this blog. I am so ashamed. There has been much going on what with having to reset my computer, which meant I lost all my passwords. Then the website guru decided he needed more time with his family, which meant I got the privilege of playing with website and blog changes. (Did save me a bit of money, tho.) Then there was a couple of trips to see the grandkids, which meant they took priority. Then there was the splinter under my brain. 

Won Nano again for the fifth year, maybe fourth. I don’t remember that far back or up close. Got the fourth in my series on STATE OF ARIZONA, a modern alternative history series, up to 50,000 words, which means there’s only 20,000 or so to go.

On the sales side, the County Fair proved to be profitable and well received. Then there was a Christmas Gift Boutique a month later that help the coffers. A Lion’s Club Christmas gift sale was a bust, although I did make a couple bucks if you don’t count the gas to get there and back. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. We did a book festival which took lots of travel and a place to stay for two nights along with the cost of meals. We made a nickle or two there. I’ll do it again. 70+ authors allowed me to learn a lot on sales. Fella next to me, had three books in a series and almost sold out.

Well, the refer needs defrosting, the solar system is acting up, my books are way behind, my travel mileage is way behind, and my dogs want out so, gotta run.

Blessings, and may Santa Claws bring you mud and ice,

Now get to writing, Doug.


It’s been quite awhile since I posted. Much has gone on. My favorite uncle died at 93 after 72 years of marriage to the same woman who has outlived him and bouts with cancer for the past 25 years. She still bowls with a league from what I hear.

I have committed to finishing the Arizona Trail before May 2017. The AzTrail is a registered national scenic trail just like the AT, PCT, and CDT. It is 800+ miles of rugged country with few towns near it for resupply. I have done around 550 miles so far. I just finished 22.3 miles where I hiked 26+ cuz I got lost. Signage was not good on this section. I understand they may fix that before the thru hikers hit the trail in February. My next hike is next week. 52 miles from Mexico to Patagonia. Hot and dry.

My writing has suffered since the fiasco with DEATH BY BASEBALL. Don’t ask, please.

I just chucked 30,000 words on the DEACON sequel. I will probably use pieces of it, but I’m half way thru the book and there is not much action yet. Can’t have that in a Doug Ball western.

Working on a sequel in the STATE OF series. Working title STATE OF CONFUSION. Been there many a time. Capital is my man cave. Tan and the boys get to clean up another mess after someone murders, rapes, and degrades a group of illegals being smuggled across the border near where i will be hiking next week.

I will be doing NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH (NaNoWriMo commonly NaNo) in November. STATE OF CONFUSION will be my book for the month. Along with two hikes, that should fill my life for November.

My health is good. My life is great. God has been very good to this old sinner saved by grace.

Be blessed, Doug

Now go write or at least buy one of my books.


This has been a bang, bang shoot’em up summer so far. Lots of travel and lots of fun.

Spent a day at the Payson Book Festival. Did well on the sales, made a bunch of new friends, and learned many new things about the whole Indy scene with books. Some of the nicest people I met were the competition, but no one acted like there was any competition at all. What a great profession!

DEACON is selling well. Lots of great comments, many with suggestions for improvement in the series. Thank you all for reading and commenting.

DEATH BY BASEBALL has found a niche’. My co-writer is doing well with his non-fiction book, BASEBALL IN TERRITORIAL ARIZONA, A History, 1863-1912.

Good books abound. A series of modern westerns I would highly recommend is written by Randall Dale. His books are on Amazon.

DEACON II is coming along. I am at the point in writing a book when I feel like this book is crap, let’s trash it and start over.  I come to that point with every book and somehow I fight through the feeling and finish it. Deep down I know it will be better than the last one, but right now – not so much.

So long for now, and keep writing.

Oh, yeah. Hiking season in Southern Arizona begins next month and I intend to get out there as soon as the doctor clears my eyes after cataract surgery. If ya wanna join me for a spell, let me know.



It surely does feel great when you been out in the woods sleeping on the ground to come home and sleep in your own bed.

Covered 31 miles of the Arizona Trail this past three days. Feeling better than I have ever felt after three days of hiking. My ten miles a day average is about where I belong. One of my sons and his daughter might cover that much ground running in less than a day’s worth of sunlight and be ready for more, but I am a bit older and would not try more than 15 miles in a day at this point. Come September that might happen though.BookFest Ad 061016

I will be attending the above festival will all my books. I will be more than happy to autograph any and all books purchased.

My book DEATH BY BASEBALL will, hopefully, be ready for the festival, as will my co-author John Tenney’s book BASEBALL IN TERRITORIAL ARIZONA, a history 1863-1912. His book is an outstanding and sought after book on today’s sports market. I will have ten autographed copies on sale during the festival.

This festival is where the rubber meets the road for my writing. There will be a bazillion other authors, famous and not so famous, and an agent or two, publishers, and folks that just like to read.

If you make it, stop by and say, ‘howdy,’ so I can put a face to the name.

Be blessed and keep writing.


Horse Manure


State of Peril

Have you ever sat before your writing station and said, “What am I doing here?” That’s where I am today.

I’d really rather be fishing or sailing. But, there isn’t much sailing in Arizona. Went fishing three times already this year and still have fish in the freezer.

Here I am 73 years old and healthy, writing westerns when I don’t own a horse any more, talking of wild adventure, and bored to tears on many days. All of this outlines the symptoms. I need the woods. So, next Sunday after Church I will head north and west, actually west first and then north, to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon area to a little town called Jacob Lake. There is will park my butt in a campsite and spend three or four days hiking the Arizona Trail. When that 30 miles or so is completed I will have all my mental files in the right box, my body sufficiently tired to slow me down, and the Arizona Trail complete from US 60 at Superior all the way north to Utah (500+ miles). Then there is the challenge of the 280 miles remaining in the south of Arizona where trailheads are far and few between, water is scarce, and the heat will kill ya. Oh, well, it’s all an adventure.

But, for today, I will write on my #2 DEACON book, wait for my wife to finish here approval perusal of DEATH BY BASEBALL (can’t publish without her approval), and contemplate my naval (as a sailor that’s an easy thing to do).

Be Blessed and go write, quit reading this trash.




As I said previously, the files for DEATH BY BASEBALL got switcharooed somehow and I went back to the rough draft stage. Well, I am sick of this book.

Do you ever get that way, sick of the book you put many hours and days into? I do. I get sick of every single book I write. Long about in the middle of the book I think it’s trash and it’s time to trash the whole thing. Right after I write the closing scene and step back, I say how trite it is. Time to junk it. The thing sits in my computer’s memory for at least a month before I can look at it again. By that time, I get to reading and sit back in awe at the manuscript I produced. It surely is not a Hemingway, but then I don’t like Hemingway – except for OLD MAN AND THE SEA.

Now my Beta readers are putting their hearts into the manuscript again. I am on my fourth read in two weeks. The story is dumb. The cover sucks. The ending is too obvious. The middle is boring.

So, yesterday I got down one of my favorite books full of short stories. I have just read this book a dozen times and once was three weeks ago. Guess what? The stories were dumb. The cover sucks. The endings are to obvious. The middle of these short stories are boring.


Go write.




First in a series of Frontier Westerns

Got seriously miffed at myself this morning. I looked at my writing log and found that i haven’t written anything of substance in the past 9 days. And, mighty little since the middle of April. Therefore, I am getting on my butt in the chair and writing here and then to my newest book length effort.

The past month has just been one stupid action after another on my part. Trying to finish up DEATH BY BASEBALL, (It’s already getting serious positive comments) I found that I, little ole me, had sent in the wrong file to the publishers. Turns out the beta readers efforts are in the toilet (the bit bucket where all erased files go), all the hours of upgrading the master file are in the arena of wasted time, and my head is spinning with doing it all over again. I am at the point that I hate the book with a serious passion. But, I get there on all of the books I write.

So, all fingers on the board, mind focused on THE DEACON II  and away I go.


You better get writing, too.


© 2018 Doug Ball – Author