Two new titles are available on Amazon. The first is the fourth of the State of Arizona series, STATE OF CONFUSION. It takes Tan and a new Governor to new heights of trouble at the southern border along with trouble in the capital between the new Governor and everyone else, particularly Tan.

The second book is the second of the DEACON series, DEACON UNDERGROUND. The Deacon is caught up in three or four problems that all wrap around Gold. He has to go underground to get to the bottom of it all.

See posts and link here soon.

What’s new

Doug’s work in writing is bringing new excitement to his collection of books.

DEACON is selling well and receiving rave reviews. While the on line sales do not indicate this, his personal sales and his personal sales at book venues are. He has reordered copies and is moving forward with spending more time in book festivals, stores, and just plain sales efforts.

DEATH BY BASEBALL is in the edit and proof stage right now. Proof copies have been ordered and are on the way. Perhaps they will be in the mail today.

DEACON II is at the first crisis point. Daniel’s life is about to be redirected again.

The State of Arizona series is all on audio book at this time. Audible will give you a free copy when you sign up with them. They will also give you a free month of books when you sign up.

Doug’s big question at this time is – Do I need a fourth in the State of Arizona series? WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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