Coming to Amazon, Kindle, and Smashwords in mid-July.


This has been a bang, bang shoot’em up summer so far. Lots of travel and lots of fun.

Spent a day at the Payson Book Festival. Did well on the sales, made a bunch of new friends, and learned many new things about the whole Indy scene with books. Some of the nicest people I met were the competition, but no one acted like there was any competition at all. What a great profession!

DEACON is selling well. Lots of great comments, many with suggestions for improvement in the series. Thank you all for reading and commenting.

DEATH BY BASEBALL has found a niche’. My co-writer is doing well with his non-fiction book, BASEBALL IN TERRITORIAL ARIZONA, A History, 1863-1912.

Good books abound. A series of modern westerns I would highly recommend is written by Randall Dale. His books are on Amazon.

DEACON II is coming along. I am at the point in writing a book when I feel like this book is crap, let’s trash it and start over.  I come to that point with every book and somehow I fight through the feeling and finish it. Deep down I know it will be better than the last one, but right now – not so much.

So long for now, and keep writing.

Oh, yeah. Hiking season in Southern Arizona begins next month and I intend to get out there as soon as the doctor clears my eyes after cataract surgery. If ya wanna join me for a spell, let me know.


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