Two new titles are available on Amazon. The first is the fourth of the State of Arizona series, STATE OF CONFUSION. It takes Tan and a new Governor to new heights of trouble at the southern border along with trouble in the capital between the new Governor and everyone else, particularly Tan.

The second book is the second of the DEACON series, DEACON UNDERGROUND. The Deacon is caught up in three or four problems that all wrap around Gold. He has to go underground to get to the bottom of it all.

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New Writers Beware

New writers beware.

Because I write both Christian non-fiction studies and think pieces, and fiction westerns, adventure, and political alternative history, I decided to split my author pages on Amazon, Createspace, and Smashwords. The great gurus of indie publishing will not let you. I cannot cancel out a book in one place in order to set it up in another. They say it is because they want to keep the IN PRINT list full of everything that’s ever been written. I say, “Phooey.”

The books are mine and if I want to discontinue that book I should be able to.

And, I am not taking the book out of circulation. I am only rearranging my sales platforms for the benefit of the readers, YOU.

It should be that the indie author has the right to say, “Let’s put these books together over here,” and have it done.

Oh, well, I say all this for you if you are just beginning. If you are going to write in more than one genre and might have the idea of separating them, do it up front. If I had it to do all over again, I’d set up at least three, if not four author pages to cover my books. I might even use a pseudonym for each genre.


PS: I really do thank the above named sites for their making available the opportunity to be an indie author even if I am whining. But, maybe its something you need to look at in your services. A beginning indie cannot think of everything that could come up down the road in their business.

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