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THE TRASH CAN FILLS and other dirty little ditties

THE TRASH CAN FILLS and other dirty little ditties

Today I scrapped over three hundred pages.

Don’t get excited. It was old manuscripts and one i had just finished a heavy edit on.

Following the scrapping, I printed over two hundred pages of materials that had been edited and were now ready for the rest of the story. Don’t you miss Paul Harvey?

I figure from my paper purchases, it takes seven sheets of paper for every page of finished book in 6X9 format. Good thing I know a recycler, Another writer that uses a different font and writes Romances, uses my old stuff for her drafts. I tried using both sides but without changing fonts or styles or something it didn’t work too well, specially when i dropped stack.

One tip I will give you for reading this far – Put page numbers on all drafts from page on on. I set it up in my normal page format. That way, no matter what, you have a way of easily putting it all back together when the pages get scattered by the binder breaking, wind, dropping, grandkids, whatever.

Be blessed and go write.

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