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Puzzling Theology

Book Cover: Puzzling Theology
ISBN: 9781311734174
Pages: 94

The simplicity of your relationship with an Almighty God

Picture yourself as a masterpiece hanging on the wall of Almighty God’s mansion. Picture 

now that masterpiece made into a jigsaw puzzle in a box. Picture a few billion puzzles just

like yours dumped into a pile and tossed to around by the winds of a hurricane.

Now put your puzzle together.

This book tells you how.

Reviews:Michael Haggard wrote:

Puzzling Theology is a great romp through the very puzzle of the ages. Many people, when looking for a book on theology either look for a populist work that explains things on a very basic level, or they choose and analytical systematic theology that labels and categorizes but rarely solves the puzzle for most. Doug Ball's book is like a Gestalt Theology... a field of discussions about life as it hits the pavement come together into a series of touch-stones with the puzzle that is God's will for our lives. As the fields of points build themselves up in the narrative, they begin to network in your mind until a light comes on and a synergistic understanding arises. If academic books have left you wanting and populist books have been too vague and sweet for you, you need to give this book a try.

David Dehner wrote:

Thought provoking. A challenge to the way I thought about God and My roll.

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