Two new titles are available on Amazon. The first is the fourth of the State of Arizona series, STATE OF CONFUSION. It takes Tan and a new Governor to new heights of trouble at the southern border along with trouble in the capital between the new Governor and everyone else, particularly Tan.

The second book is the second of the DEACON series, DEACON UNDERGROUND. The Deacon is caught up in three or four problems that all wrap around Gold. He has to go underground to get to the bottom of it all.

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Gentle Rebellion

Book Cover: Gentle Rebellion
Part of the Rebellion series:
Pages: 189

The growing up story of a young man that just wanted to be a cowboy. From the schoolhouse to the ranch with more troubles than bees trying to find flowers in the Arizona desert in August.

Doug has lived this story in his dreams for about a hundred years, or so it seems. In order to make it full blown, he has brought it to us on these pages. In the meantime he has tried out all sorts of professions to see what he wants to be when he grows up. There were times when he was a field worker picking cotton, sheet metal man, a sailor, all kinds of building trades, Pastor, and

Publisher: Doug Ball
Reviews:Marsha on Amazon wrote:

I always wanted to be a cowboy, now I can mark it off my bucket list because I got to live it through this great read! Thanks Doug Ball!

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