Two new titles are available on Amazon. The first is the fourth of the State of Arizona series, STATE OF CONFUSION. It takes Tan and a new Governor to new heights of trouble at the southern border along with trouble in the capital between the new Governor and everyone else, particularly Tan.

The second book is the second of the DEACON series, DEACON UNDERGROUND. The Deacon is caught up in three or four problems that all wrap around Gold. He has to go underground to get to the bottom of it all.

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It’s been quite awhile since I posted. Much has gone on. My favorite uncle died at 93 after 72 years of marriage to the same woman who has outlived him and bouts with cancer for the past 25 years. She still bowls with a league from what I hear.

I have committed to finishing the Arizona Trail before May 2017. The AzTrail is a registered national scenic trail just like the AT, PCT, and CDT. It is 800+ miles of rugged country with few towns near it for resupply. I have done around 550 miles so far. I just finished 22.3 miles where I hiked 26+ cuz I got lost. Signage was not good on this section. I understand they may fix that before the thru hikers hit the trail in February. My next hike is next week. 52 miles from Mexico to Patagonia. Hot and dry.

My writing has suffered since the fiasco with DEATH BY BASEBALL. Don’t ask, please.

I just chucked 30,000 words on the DEACON sequel. I will probably use pieces of it, but I’m half way thru the book and there is not much action yet. Can’t have that in a Doug Ball western.

Working on a sequel in the STATE OF series. Working title STATE OF CONFUSION. Been there many a time. Capital is my man cave. Tan and the boys get to clean up another mess after someone murders, rapes, and degrades a group of illegals being smuggled across the border near where i will be hiking next week.

I will be doing NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH (NaNoWriMo commonly NaNo) in November. STATE OF CONFUSION will be my book for the month. Along with two hikes, that should fill my life for November.

My health is good. My life is great. God has been very good to this old sinner saved by grace.

Be blessed, Doug

Now go write or at least buy one of my books.

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